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Car Mini Inflatable Pump
260PSI DC 12V
Metal Plastic Electric Air Compressor Monitor Pump with 3 Nozzle Adapters
Name: Portable Car Air Compressor
Size: Approx 18x18x6.5cm / 7.08''x7.08''x2.56''
Gas tube length: Approx 45cm / 17.72''
Cable length: Approx 240cm / 94.5''
Power: DC12V 10A
Maximum flux: 25L/Min
Inflation time: inflate 8-10min can reach to the normal air pressure
Suitable for universal cars tires, balls, rubber floater, hovercraft and so on
Color: black
Made of high quality material, durable enough.
Designed with pressure gauge help to maintain the correct tire pressure, saving gasoline and to ensure traffic safety.
Applied to cars, tires of the tires, and ball, and so on the inflatable, for a wide range.
Can play its emergency function, car tires suddenly leak when in the highway, field or anywhere.
Suitable for most cars.
Mini tire size, it is very portable to carry.

1. Rubber tube directly inserted in the top of the tire valve, hear the sound of air escaping from the tire and it shows that the air is flowing. Then tighten the gas nozzle.
2. Remove the plug, directly plugged into the car cigarette lighter.
3. Start cars, open air pump switch to start inflate the best continuous inflatable time in less than 15 minutes, if necessary recharging, air pump needed to be cooled.
4. Aeration, the meter pointer with the actual tire pressure goes up when the pointer reaches the proper tire pressure (per vehicle front and rear tires standard pressure marked on the driver's door frame or the fuel tank inside), turn off the switch, pull out plug, namely complete inflatable work.

Package included:
1 x Air Compressor
3 x Nozzles (Balls, Swim Ring, Rubber Boat)